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    We offer convenient local delivery of dry ice!

    dry ice for camping and traveling

    Camping and Traveling

    Dry Ice can keep your food and ice frozen for extended periods of time

    Dry Ice can be used to freeze your game and eliminate spoilage due to heat and improper transport. meats and seafood will stay fresher and safer for your family and friends. To prevent freezer burn make sure the dry cie does not come in driect contact with the food.

    dry ice while shipping

    Keeping items frozen while shipping

    A proper container and safety comes first, but nothing does the job better.

    Transport and store ice cream and frozen foods during long shopping trips in summer and spring. enjoy ice cream at the beach on vacation, on a picnic, at a community block party, a pool party or school events.

    dry ice for picnics


    Dry ice can provide opportunities for your outing that you may not even have considered!

    Prolong the life of your wet ice. Place dry ice in the bottom of your cooler, cover completely with wet ice and pack your cooler as normal. The cooler will keep items cold for approximately 3 or 4 days.


    To freeze products, place dry ice on top of the items to be frozen to cool products, place dry ice on bottom of cooler, cover with insulation material or wet ice, then place food and beverages on top. Product should never come in contact with dry ice!

    dry ice for bed bugs

    Bed Bugs

    Take those little buggers out with dry ice!

    To remove a small population of bed bugs or test to see if any are present, you can build an inexpensive trap, using 2-3 pounds of dry ice , a plastic pet food bowl, an insulated jug, tape, fabric, and talcum powder. This is best done at night when you can douse the lights in the room, as bed bugs prefer the dark.

    dry ice for bed bugs

    Insect Control

    Keep insects at bay!

    Dry ice also is good for insect control at outdoor barbecues. Place dry ice at outer perimeter of a designated area, dry ice attracts mosquitoes, bees, knats, etc., keeping you insect free while you enjoy your day outdoor.

  • Caution!!! Dry ice

    Solid Carbon Dioxide

    • Dry ice is extremely cold (-109 ° F)(-78.5 ° C)
    • Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth and clothing. May cause cold burns. 
    • Asphyxiant - liberates heavy gas which may cause suffocation.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not eat or put into drinks.
    • Do not seal in glass or other closed containers.
    • Do not enter areas where used or stored until properly ventilated. 
    • Use heavy gloves when handling.


    Q: What is dry ice?

    A: Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is colorless, tasteless, odorless gas found in our atmosphere.

    Q: How is dry ice stored?

    A: Dry ice should be stored in an insulated container. The thicker the insulation, the slower it will sublimate. Depending on the climate and thickness of the container, typical dry ice sublimation is approximately 2% to 10% a day.

    Q: What are some applications for dry ice?


    • Special fog effects
    • Science experiments
    • Keep things frozen during a power outage
    • Temperature sensitive product distribution
    • Chocolate candy & specialty products
    • Mail order/internet shipments
    • Home delivery
    • Ice cream - dairy
    • Cold storage
    • Seafood, meat & poultry processing
    • Street vending & concessionaires
    • Protect sport fish and game 
    • Remove floor tile 
    • Plant growth
    • Mosquitoes
  • Dry Ice Hash

    A step-by-step guide to making hash with dry ice

    The fastest and easiest way to make hash is with dry ice

    This is all you need to make your own dry ice hash:

    • Shredded/ground-up cannabis buds/leaves

    • A clean bucket

    • Hash (bubble) bags

    • Heavy-duty oven

    • gloves

    • safety glasses

    • Dry ice (2-3 pounds are typically used for a home extraction)

    • A clean, flat surface to shake the hash bags onto.

    • A paint scraper (to collect the resin glands when you empty the bags)



    Making hash with the dry ice extraction method is simple.

    1. Put the dry ice and shredded buds/trim in the bucket


    2. Add the dry ice pellets, put the hash bags on the bucket and shake


    3. Tip the bucket upside down to collect the resin glands in the bags.


    4. Remove the hash bags and empty their contents onto a clean work surface.


    5. Scrape the hash off of the work surface


    6. Repeat the process until you no longer have any hash left to remove.


    The entire method only takes a few minutes to make and then you can enjoy your hash immediately! If you choose to make hash using the more traditional ice/water method then you have to wait until the hash has dried out. Also, since some of the terpenes are lost in the drying process, skipping that step will give you better results in the fraction of the time. The dry ice method also produces the darkest hash with the richest flavor.


    For best results, be sure to work a well-ventilated area and

    Use a well ventilated room or an external area such as a garage. Your lungs need to absorb oxygen to survive but you will be using lots of carbon dioxide. In a closed room you could suffer oxygen deprivation, therefore it is vital to ensure excellent ventilation. Remember that dry ice can cause instant and severe skin/eye damage. Many hash fans are perfectly happy to leave dry ice extractions to the professionals for very good reasons. Don’t put dry ice in a sealed container, if it warms up and expands it could explode the container. Dispose of dry ice safely, don’t try to flush it down the toilet or sink as it can freeze them. Instead, simply place the unwanted CO2 pellets near an open window, door or garden and leave them to evaporate away naturally.



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